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Fish Mox Forte Review

November 30, 2012 No Comments »

As we have mentioned in other posts, Fish Mox Forte is one of the most popular fish antibiotics available because it treats a wide variety of bacteria.  If you have experience using Fish Mox Forte share your experience with others ... Read More »

Fish Antibiotic Reviews

Fish Antibiotic Reviews
November 9, 2012 No Comments »

We just added over 30 new pages to the blog focused on product reviews and customer reviews of fish antibiotics.  We scoured the web and received comments from people who have bought fish antibiotics and compiled them all together so ... Read More »

Fish Bendazole Forte – Fenbendazole (Panacur C)

Fish Bendazole Forte – Fenbendazole (Panacur C)
November 2, 2012 No Comments »

Thomas Labs now manufactures and sells Fenbendazole which is the exact same medication that is in Panacur C, a popular dewormer medicine.  Thomas labs sells it in 250 mg strength and it comes in packets.  You can purchase 3 or ... Read More »

The Top 5 Most Popular Fish Antibiotics – What Are They?

The Top 5 Most Popular Fish Antibiotics – What Are They?
March 29, 2012 No Comments »

We frequently get asked what are the most popular fish antibioticsthat people buy, so we did some research and asked several of the different stores and manufacturers which Fish Antibiotics are the most popular and we’ve compiled a list of ... Read More »

Fish Antibiotic Powders – Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Metronidazole, Fenbendazole

Fish Antibiotic Powders – Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Metronidazole, Fenbendazole
March 20, 2012 No Comments »

Today we are highlighting a few new fish antibiotics.  Previously Thomas Labs only manufactured fish antibiotics in capsule or tablet forms, however, they recently started making Fish Antibiotic Powders.  These powders are pharmaceutical grade fish antibiotics that are packaged in ... Read More »

Fish Flox Forte Video – Detailed Views of Fish Ciprofloxacin Medicine

March 9, 2012 No Comments »

Today’s video is the fish antibiotic fish flox forte.  Fish Flox forte is made by Thomas Labs and comes in 30 or 100 count tablets.  It is 500 mg ciprofloxacin, and is available in 250 mg as Fish Flox – ... Read More »

Fish Mox Video – See What Fish Mox Capsules Look Like

March 2, 2012 No Comments »

Today we’re publishing a new video about Fish Mox.  This video shows the three different sizes of Fish Mox – Amoxicillin 250 mg and the capsules of each.  Fish Mox comes in 30, 60, and 100 count bottles and is ... Read More »

Fish Mox Forte Video – Shows Fish Mox Forte Fish Antibiotic Capsules

February 26, 2012 No Comments »

We recently found a bunch of different videos that show the Thomas Labs fish antibiotics and what the bottles, packaging, and pills look like.  We will slowly post them one at a time, but in case you want to see ... Read More »

No More Fish Antibiotics on Amazon

No More Fish Antibiotics on Amazon
January 27, 2012 No Comments »

I know a lot of people who have purchased fish antibiotics in the past on Amazon.  Recently (within the last week) Amazon has taken all of the fish antibiotics off of their website.  I’m not quite sure why since you ... Read More »

Thomas Labs – Manufacturer of Fish Mox and Antibiotics

April 18, 2011 No Comments »

Thomas Labs or Thomas Laboratories is the company that manufacturers a majority of the Over the counter fish antibiotics like Fish Mox & Fish Pen.  They have been in business since 1978 and have been pharmacist owned and operated since ... Read More »