Fish Mox Forte Reviews

Below several reviews from real customers that purchased and used Fish Mox Forte.  If you have a review or experience with Fish Mox Forte, leave your review as a comment on this page.


  • Process was quick and product worked well to take care of the problem I was having.
  • Product is very fine quality. Have used other similar products from other suppliers and this is the best. The others are sometimes stuck or melted together but these are perfect and very fresh. If you have fish or any other pets you need this product on hand at all times.
  • Very happy with this product. Works great and great value for the money.
  • This product is cheap and works exactly as described and then some. As other reviewers have stated, and if you read the side of the bottle, this is Amoxicillin.
  • Works great and priced right
  • Safe, for fish or anything else than needs some antibiotics.
  • Cheap antibiotic to stock for emergency at much better prices than your physician.
  • They don’t dissolve very easily, but it helps infection.
  • I’m not going to review the product other than to say it does what is says it will and more.
  • I have used Fish Mox and Fish Pen for years and have found them to treat my pets with excellent results.
  • This is the same drug as I got from my vet. Works exactly the same for any animal that has a need for this antibiotic.
  • I have used this product from you in the past and will continue to do so in the future. This product works wonderfully for my needs.
  • Terrific value for large doses for amoxicillin
  • This is a particularly high quality product (Amoxicillin 500mg capsules) that is actually the same manufacturer (and product) as generic Amoxcillin for human use. If you can afford to wait a couple days, you may save a lot of vet money!!
  • I have several ornamental fish ponds. I am out in the wilderness and my fish get parasites, which causes open sores. Also, since I’m in the woods, wild animals try to catch my fish for food. Sometimes the fish end up with wounds on them. The ease of getting antibiotics is awesome. The fish get treated promptly and the products are great quality.
  • Top Pharm. Quality prducts to help keep all my tanks in the best condition!
  • I have several aquariums and ponds with koi and goldfish. I buy Fish Mox
  • Does Not Cloud Water, relieves symptoms quick! I use it all the time.
  • I provide a handful of local aquarium enthusiasts with sick-aquarium intervention on a part time basis. My friends always call me when nothing they have tried seems to cure their fishy friends’ ills. Since adding Fish Mox Forte to my arsenal, I have managed more than one or two miraculous interventions and word of mouth is beginning to force me into a full time proposition.


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