No More Fish Antibiotics on Amazon

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No More Fish Antibiotics on Amazon

I know a lot of people who have purchased fish antibiotics in the past on Amazon.  Recently (within the last week) Amazon has taken all of the fish antibiotics off of their website.  I’m not quite sure why since you don’t need a prescription to buy fish medicine, but fish antibiotics specifically earned a place in Amazon’s “unallowed products.”  So it doesn’t look like Amazon will be selling them any time in the future either.  Amazon was a great place for fish antibiotics because the prices were good, and you could get free shipping too.

We have recently spent quite a bit of time searching for different online stores that offer fish antibiotics and medicines and we still didn’t find one that we like better than the store we have used and recommended for a long time. - online store for Fish Mox and Fish Antibiotics

Why We Like FishMoxFishFlex -

Besides the fact that the products are in their name, and the name is hard to say:) they have free shipping on every order, free same day shipping (before 2pm), they’ll price match, and they have a lot of experience with the medicines.

All of that is nice, its always nice to save a few bucks on shipping, but one of the reasons I like them best is that they get new shipments of medicine 1-2 times per week. That means the medicines they carry are constantly being refreshed so the medicine you buy has the latest expiration date possible.  You and I both know that the longer something will last, the better, especially when it is for something as important as fish medicine.  You know you won’t use more than a few pills to treat your fish, and nobody wants to spend $30 on medicine, use a few pills and then save it in your cupboard and pull it out a few months later to use it again to find out that it has expired.


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